I love helping our kids learn to look past the outside and see that our hearts are what count most! I would love to share this story and a little lesson on “How to See a Heart” with your local church or elementary school! Contact me for more details.

Down in the Big Swamp, Bumper is a kind-hearted frog who longs for the toads and frogs to be friends, but not everyone agrees with him. Join Bumper and his unlikely best friend as they help others to see that the HEART is what counts most!  

What people have said about Bumper…

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sweet children’s book and the story behind it! A story book that teaches children life lessons of differences and acceptance. Author Maggie Meadows Cooper and illustrator Tyler Helms are highly talented!

What a precious tale of unconditional friendship & kindness. As a teacher I love the rich vocabulary, sweet illustrations, & most of all the timeless message of what matters above all …..
a beautiful heart!

This is such a wonderful book that encourages kids to look past physical appearances and look at the heart of others which is what really matters!!! Such a sweet sweet book. My kids love it as well as my preschool class!!!  

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