Abel: A Faith that Still Speaks

*This semester in Bible Study, we are digging into heroes of the faith from Hebrews 11. This blog will be the first in a series sharing about the men and women we study each week. I pray these will be a blessing and encourage your own study of scripture to learn more of what the…

Recent Article Links

Wow, life has been busy these past months, and I have not had a lot of time to write here in this space. But…I did want to include some articles from other sites and hopefully I will be back on track here soon…I pray these encourage your hearts in Jesus. Thank you for reading! A…

Deep Waters

Recently, I have spent time with a number of women who are striving to truly experience the Lord’s presence and live through the Spirit’s power and strength in their daily lives. They’ve been diving into His Word like never before and seeking to move past surface-level Christianity. But it’s not easy, y’all. So I’ve been…

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